Over The Edge 1978(9) Directed by Jonathan Kaplan: Screenwriters – Tim Hunter and Charlie Hass


Vandalism, teenage wasteland, anti-authority, youth crime and alienation.

Kiss concert ticket references and Cheap Trick on the Soundtrack  

Matt Dillon in a cropped belly top, speed, acid, ludes, house parties and troubled parents.

Teenage love, boyish looking flat-chested girls, the kids are not alright they’re trigger happy.

A BB gun toting Davy Crockett hatted kid, kill the pigs, kaboom and car chases.

Main Cast

HUMANISM – Conflict
IMAGES – Captivating
DIALOGUE – Show not Tell or Show and Tell (not sure about this) the everyday, ordinary, extraordinary and banal.
FOOTAGE – Art not commerce
75MM – The Golden Age of Cinema
THE IDEA – An outline
REAL – Imaginary
MOODS – Textures
PORTRAIT – Colours, (see above Moods)
FOOTAGE – Record, play, Repeat.
CONCEPT – Change the formula
AUDIENCE – Manipulate
WATCH – Voracious
LISTEN – Ambient
FRAME – Projected
DREAMS – Space and time
CHARACTERS – Observation
COLLABORATION – Risk or Spark. Fuck or fight.

Al-Jolson in White Face.