Gold – Divine Chocolate Film Script with Minimal dialogue

Hi Jen,

Hope all is well with you. We decided to go with another proposal which would probably be more suited to a viral campaign we are trying to achieve.

However Charlotte and I, as well of Birds Eye View creative team were really impressed with the idea and with the narrative of Gold.

Hence we thought we would like to support you by offering you £500 towards a film course, if you take Gold as piece you want to develop in this context

Let us know your thoughts

Best wishes,

Tal Drori

Marketing Manager

Divine Chocolate Limited

The following script was entered into the Divine Chocolate Film Competition, which was to write a proposal capturing the essence of ‘Divine Chocolate’

I was one of the shortlisted winners and had to write a 2 min script.  The winner would have their film produced and uploaded as part of a Youtube Viral campaign. Although I didn’t win I was offered a prize to develop and make the film.  Since the competition the script has changed and I’m still working on changes up until I make the film.

When I came up with the character of May I pictured a girl with a look of a young, Tavi Gevinson.  She would be dressed like an older woman, a memsahib lounging on an allotment watching the people toiling away in the heat whilst she observes all around her exuding a slightly aloof, yet sophisticated air.

As I wrote the script May became more vivid as I pictured her among the green plants, and earth browns of a community allotment.



Jennifer Farfort



(offscreen) we hear the sound of shovels digging deep into soil.

May, an eight year old girl, is sitting on a deckchair. She wears a wide brim hat, big dark sunglasses, and is dressed like a sophisticated lady, with her cardigan draped around her shoulders.

(offscreen) we hear the sound of a kettle that is just coming to the boil, and the stirring of teacups.

Cut to
Backs of people bent over shovels tending to their plots.

Cut to
Allotment plots adorned with windmills, plastic bottles, gnomes,and strange looking scarecows. Shiny cds are tied, and stringed together on various plots. They flap gently in the breeze.

As May adjusts her sunglasses putting them atop her head her cardigan slips off, onto the ground.  Annoyed she quickly picks it up dusting it down, and puts it on properly. Hungry she unwraps her Divine Chocolate bar carefully. She breaks off some chunks hovering it near her mouth then slowly devours them. May looks inside her cardigan pocket staring intently at the contents that we cannot see, whilst nibbling at a bit of chocolate.  Transfixed, she gently pokes at the unseen contents.

Cut to

A bird scarer makes a whizzing motion. Its sound appears deafening.

May eyes it suspciously.  She watches its wooden feet pedalling switching from slow to fast, as the breeze catches it.She returns to her chocolate studying the Adinkra symbol designs Imageof the wrapper and starts to draw a symbol in her notebook. She makes elaborate patterned swirls that fill the page.

She takes in the sights and sounds around her.

Cut to

A block of flats is visible just beyond the end of the allotment.

A flurry of cabbage white butterflies circle playfully around each other.


(voiceover and subtitles)

A Daisy..A Daisychain of butterflies.

Two women stop to take a break. Their shovels are upended in the soil whilst they talk.  May watches them making up a conversation between them in her head


(voiceover and subtitles)

Would you like some chocolate/

May breaks off another piece of chocolate

it’s Divine

and eats it

/ooh…it is/oooh yummy/can I have another piece/


Cut to

May’s parents who are watering their plot. She shares some chocolate with them.She looks over to her smaller plot beside theirs.

Cut to

A banner that says:

‘May’s Divine Chocolate Plot Garden’

It is decorated with Divine chocolate foil and wrappers.

She picks up a watering can.

(Offscreen) we hear the sound of a watering can being filled

Cut to

May pouring water over her plot making sure that everywhere is coated.

Taking off her shoes she watches her parents who are talking, with their neighbouring allotment growers. She tentatively steps on the soil walking over it she takes the stick and carefully divides it like big chocolate squares.

Taking off her hat, and placing her sunglasses on her head she kneels down on the sodden soil, cupping her hands she whispers quietly into the earth.



Chocolate cake, Hot chocolate, ice cream, chocolate chip pudding…with chocolate sauce…milk choc-o-late

Standing up she reaches into her cardigan pocket and unwraps a chocolate coin, she eats it then attaches the gold wrapper to the flag. May makes a small well in the centre with a tiny shovel. Taking more coins out of her pocket, she looks around, and drops some of her chocolate gold coins (jangling sound) in the small well and covers it up.

She carves an Adrinka symbol in the wet soil.

Subtitles will say


A rumble ripples under her feet losing her balance May falls onto the ground.

Cut to

May lying on ground next to her head she is surrounded by chocolate gold coins and bars of Divine Chocolate.Image

She scoops up her treasure filling her pockets.


The sounds of the allotment come into view

May watches the legs of the bird scarer mobile move ever so slightly.

She sits down takes out her notebook and starts to write.


  1. Congratulations!

    Hope you well

    Take care


  2. I love it Jen. So pleased they’ve offered funding towards a film course. Well done. Such a delightful script. You could develop it all kinds of ways; not necessarily for thier benefit. All the best, Jane. xxx

    Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2013 12:01:54 +0000 To:

  3. Great script! Really good

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