Miniature – Tiny Screenplay – Draft 1


This script was from an idea I had about three years ago.  The screenplay was conceived as a miniature film where everything opens suddenly and ends quite suddenly. I wanted the effect of a fast opening shot where everything comes tumbling into view.

A mixed dance troupe of males, and females in their early to mid twenties enter the stage in a rushed and hurried manner. 

I wanted it to be shot, and  screened on a mobile phone the smaller technology the better.    

The film is live action, animation or any medium you want it to be.

 Logline: A man tries to mould the perfect dance troupe that will take centre stage.

Feedback so far:

‘It’s quite harrowing. Is it supposed to be’ – Work Colleague

‘It’s strange.  What’s it about’  – My Dad



Jennifer Farfort



offscreen voice:  Next

A mixed dance troupe of males, and females in their early to mid twenties enter the stage in a rushed and hurried manner.

They hurl forward to the front of the stage.

Their breath is low and heavy.

Waxen faces show fear and confusion.

Seated facing them are a middle-aged man and two younger women.  They watch them tentatively.

One of the younger women draws a crude doodle of the troupe in her notebook depicting them as intertwined arms, legs and hair.

The man secretly looks at her doodle and back at the troupe.


And you are the …erm..

He scrabbles quickly at his notes.

offscreen music.

 An unidentified tinny Broadway tune kicks. It crackles around the hall.

The man and women glance at each other.

The dancers start to move very slowly before soaring into a high-kicking number.

Their legs are co-ordinated in a near perfect unison.

Panic etched on their faces.

The man makes notes.  The young women hands her doodle to her friend.  Her friend adds bulging eyes to their scrawled faces.

Standing discreetly near the hall door Brian a man in his late 50s watches them. He is wearing a three-piece suit, and a Crombie overcoat.

(sidenote:  I always imagined him to look like the late actor Tom Bell. _42167896_bell_bbc203

Cut to

The back of the stage.

A long rod is hooked and threaded in the dancer’s costumes.

It is coiled tightly along their backs holding them together.

As we go along the stage, and out of curtain range we see Ian an 18 year old boy.

He manipulates the rod twisting, and turning it making the dancers move in time.

David a 15 year old boy watches nearby.

Eager he also starts to turn the rod.

IAN (angry hushed tones)

Leave takes time.  You’re not ready.  Leave it I said. Gerroff.


It’s better like this….see

He moves the rod too fast.  Both boys jostle with each other, and in turn lose control of the rhythm

The dancers start to move in an erratic motion.

Their bodies flip over.


Gerroff ..Cockend

The dancers appear like a whirling dervish.

Both girls doodle frantically in their notebooks.

The middle aged man makes notes.

The boys continue to shove each other.

Panic is etched in the dancers faces.  They reel about on the stage.

A dancers eyes search for an escape.

A male dancer calls out.



He yells again. His plea echoes around the hall



The other dancers start to call out.



Brian makes a quick exit out of the hall.

The man stands up and the two girls have stopped doodling.


We’ve seen eno………

The dancers are pulled in one fast motion from the stage.

They tumble into an open box.

The box slams shut.

Black screen

Car door slam



A wad of cotton wool and a glass bottle of amber liquid rests on a table.

Brian is peering into the box.

Ian watches him.


(his back to Ian and David still looking in box)

There’s no room for mistakes in this business.

Closing the box. He turns to David

Every turn has to be on the dime.  We….They nearly had them in the palm of their hand


David sheepishly hands him the rod.


offscreen. the faint sounds of kicking from inside the box.

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