Purple Sky

This is a Christmas card I designed for a local arts charity. It will be a short, stop motion piece uploaded on YouTube in 2016, inspired by the works of English animators Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate, when animation wasn’t dominated by computers. I’m also writing a children’s poem based on the picture, I will collaborate with an illustrator in the near future. The poem and picture came about whilst working as an arts volunteer at an art mental health charity called ‘Open Arts’ which is looking for funding in 2016. Support the arts, and support mental health. Merry Christmas. Dreaming of Purple Skies.

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Dance of The Corn Dollies – 1 min Stop Frame Animation

I made ‘Dance of The Corn Dollies’ when I recently applied for a role as creative content/self shooter with a video branding company.  I wanted my application to stand out among the many hundreds of CVs that they would receive so I created something visual to support this. The idea came about because I always wanted to make a live action/animation featuring corn dollies with a theme of the English Pastoral the maypole on the village green, an English Albion in animation. The characters were made from sugar paste and added twigs to the corn dolly characters. I filmed with Panasonic DVC 30 and the SAM stop motion software with a playback (animation plays back) of 10.2 frames per second although the frames are jerky I felt this speed worked the best.

My job application was unsuccessful but I will be creating another stop motion with a similar theme in time for St. George’s Day using a more pliable clay dough material.  In the meantime here is ‘Dance of The Corn Dollies’ with a royalty free soundtrack ‘The Forest and The Trees” by Kevin MacLeod.

Jennifer Farfort

The Rise – Reed Film Entry 2014

‘The Rise’ is/was an entry into the Reed Film competition with the theme of family business.  I created a film about my Dad making artisan bread, his constant attention to detail and quest for the perfect rise in the dough.  I wanted to create a sound/visual commentary film similar to the documentaries by the English Documentary Filmmaker Humphrey Jennings. jennings-bbc

Protected: Filament – Flash Film Bridport Competition Entry

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Southend on Sea Picture Postcard


We went to Southend, and made castles out of sand and seashells. I bought you a stick of your favourite stripy rock. We took a ride on the big wheel I’m not afraid of heights, but it’s scarier than you think as it was suspended for a while, and I found it hard to open my eyes.

I played bingo, but I didn’t win anything although I did win a prize on one of those crane machines and that was on the first try.

See you soon

The Isle of Metal – 2009

Here is a short animation that was an entry in ‘The Bunny and The Bull’ Myspace competition, set by the creators behind the BBC comedy series ‘The Mighty Boosh’. The competition brief was to make a 1-2 minute film, about an adventure in your living room.

‘The ‘Isle of Metal’ is about a Blue Tit, and her nest who set out on a journey from the mantelpiece to the other side of the living room to get to The Isle of Metal. The film’s original title was ‘The Island of Metallica’ with the story focused on the Blue Tit meeting her hero Kirk Hammett. Unfortunately, due to copyright reasons the competition rules stated that, copyright images, and music would make the entries void. I had intended to use footage of Kirk Hammett playing guitar solos, with other music related footage such as Glam rock, and Punk images for the related islands that she encounters along the way.

I love the English stop motion animation from the Oliver Postage, and Peter Firman era (Bagpuss, Ivor the Engine, Clangers) which encapsulated creativity, and ingenuity with a slightly surrealist narrative.